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When encountering a Certified Pro Coach, they have the skills and system to set your business on a growth trajectory while finding you FREEDOM. Learn more...


Mission: Coach the World of Business Owners to Freedom by Liberating them from Chaos.

Pro Coach Company, LLC was founded by two experienced and highly sought after coaches, Scott Beebe and Gregory Gray. While each of these gentlemen own and operate their own successful coaching practices, they found the need to expand by teaching their systems and processes to other professional business coaches. They are on a mission to 'coach the world' through a growing team of Certified Pro Coaches. 

They teach Pro Coaches the proprietary system they use to successfully transform small to medium sized businesses from one of chaos and overwhelm to one of FREEDOM. They also work with Pro Coaches throughout the life of the Coach to become the best Coaches and to build an effective business. For the coach that is serious about their coaching practice, a Pro Coach Certification may be the next best step. 

The Pro Coach Certification is an honor and a privilege, so it is only for the serious coach. The coaches who are accepted into the Pro Coach Program and who graduate, typically have a background in previous ownership of a business and possibly quality coaching experience with demonstrated success. 

The Pro Coach Company is on a mission to improve business owner's businesses and lives. Through hundreds of engagements, we have seen the transformation first hand. We are poised to leverage the same successful program through capable Certified Pro Coaches. If you are ready to transform your business let us know. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Pro Coach, reach out below. 

Become A Pro Coach I NEED A COACH

Scott Beebe, Founder of Business On Purpose and Co-Founder of Pro Coach Company

Gregory Gray, Founder of Gray.University and Co-Founder of Pro Coach Company

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Let Your Business Burn

By Scott Beebe

Stop Putting Out Fires, Discover Purpose, and Build A Business That Matters.



Business Owner Freedom

By Gregory Gray

Transform Your Business To Create The Lifestyle You Desire.


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